Brock University Faculty Association

Representing over 580 full-time faculty members and professional librarians



Since 1965, the Brock University Faculty Association has represented thousands of workers on campus, protecting their rights, fostering a democratic and egalitarian learning atmosphere, and advocating for the best education experience for students and faculty alike.

Understanding the Brock Community

In addition to teaching both undergraduate and graduate students, BUFA members also conduct research and are involved in a wide variety of university and community service activities. Faculty members and professional librarians have a unique and well-informed understanding of the University and how it functions.

A Better Education for All

BUFA understands our academic disciplines, our educational programs, our colleagues, and our students. We know the resources required to deliver the educational programs and how resources are best used, and we know what happens when resources are not available. We know what supports teaching, learning, and research at the University, and we know what gets in the way.

A Website Made for Members

On the new BUFA website, we will share some of our knowledge, perceptions and critical analyses of the challenges facing Brock and the University’s responses.  We will publish updates on our current contract negotiations. In addition, we will provide our own suggestions for addressing the University’s current difficulties, while maintaining the high academic quality of the education that we provide our students.



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